Happy Birthday Universal Web Design!

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Unassigned

As October reigns, so to do we! On the 21st of this month we slip smoothly and proudly into our 5th year of business. In 2011, Danny Nevill, our managing director, founded this diverse, versatile, industry leading company that continues to grow every single day.

Starting in a small home office with one other member in his team, he quickly grew out of the space and as his team advanced; so did his office. Universal Web Design now resides in the modern business suites that are situated close to Colchester’s town centre. In this contemporary, window walled office, Danny paces confidently – a client on the phone – a new project on the go – smiling as he reaches one of our two very different views; a pretty wood crowded with leafy greens and gnarled branches twisted with age and character – to the other,

the wide open busyness

of Essex University’s bustling pedestrian traffic.

Our hardworking team can celebrate this 5th year with as much pride as can our managing director. After all, every new client is a new opportunity to reveal our talents and to actualise our potential as well as the customers’.

Universal Web Design is always looking to grow its website design services; these include the specialised targeting of certain audiences i.e. home and car buyers. Our online marketing catalogue has new additions including video production and mobile applications. We are always looking to promote our high quality video production services as companies are currently generating great results through video based advertisements.

Within just five years, not only has our company grown and changed in what it can provide but our portfolio of clients has expanded, spanning various industries and sizes. One thing that has not changed is our unwavering customer service. This continued focus is why Universal Web Design now works with over 230 companies. We wish to thank you for your ongoing support, your custom and your loyalty.

Universal Web Design – Established 2011