Many businesses stick to the same old marketing techniques. The likes of social media and email marking are incredibly popular and beneficial, however many stop here. Have you ever thought outside of the box in terms of your business’s marketing?


Video marketing is incredibly engaging and has multiple benefits. Intertwining video marketing into your current marketing strategies could increase your following interactions and draw more business to your website.



Videos can be eye-catching and can connect the audience through visuals. Branding can be easily displayed within the video or included in the edit. 



At the end of the day, marketing is a tool to drive consumers to your business. If your video is optimised for Google, your audience will naturally be driven towards your website. If uploaded onto social media sites or YouTube, your video can include links or context below.



Videos can be far more interesting than a voice recording or simple social media post. Your audience can be engaged, whilst you have the opportunity to pitch your product. If interested, an audience is likely to stay watching, allowing you to have a longer interaction time compared to other marketing outlets


Personal and Trustworthy

Producing a video is the perfect opportunity for your consumers to meet you and your team. When a consumer is able to view you personally, a trustworthy bond is automatically built. Your consumer will feel a sense of loyalty if they feel that they have gotten to know you better.


Where Can Videos Be Used?

Videos are an ideal addition to your social media or email marketing. Videos can be easily incorporated to keep your current followers or subscribers interested. In addition, uploading onto YouTube can draw in a new, far larger audience of potential consumers.


How can Universal Web Design Help?

The experts at Universal Web Design have produced a wide range of company videos and have a great deal of experience in media production. From the first draft of the storyboard until the final edit, we at Universal Web Design work closely with our clients to create the perfect video for them. Let Universal Web Design help you draw in consumers with an eye-catching, resourceful video. For more information contact a member of our friendly team on 01206 588 000.