How To Capture A Visitors Attention In 5 Seconds

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Unassigned

Do you ever wonder why your website attracts hundreds or thousands of visitors, yet sales revenues hardly budge upwards? It could be because your website communicates a vague message that leaves visitors confused. Perhaps your website’s layout is too disorganized for potential customers to navigate through available web pages easily.
Here are 3 ways you can follow to improve your website’s appeal, and fully grab a visitor’s attention in just 5 seconds.



1. Make Your Identity and Mission Clear

Today’s typical internet consumers demand content to be presented in simplistic formats which enable them to obtain required information quickly. It is because there are many sites competing for an internet consumer’s attention. For example, Facebook, Twitter, gossip websites, and online music stores are the most visited sites on the Internet. It’s necessary to present your brand and objectives in a reader-friendly format that ensures visitors understand who you are, and what you have to offer by simply scanning your homepage.



2. Avoid Generic Website Layouts

You should be willing to hire a seasoned web designer to come up with a unique website layout that commands attention instantly. The problem with using free or cheap layouts available on online based DIY website creators is that any visitor who’s ever come across a similar layout on another website will be quick to label you a copycat.
Aim for a website layout that offers everything lacking in your competitor’s websites. This uniqueness will enhance your credibility among leads. Break down your articles into small paragraphs, and incorporate bullet lists to retain reader’s attention from the heading to the conclusion.



3. Incorporate Features Which Visitors Need

When your website enables visitors to solve their needs effectively, they reciprocate by promoting it to their friends through word-of-mouth. For example, if you operate a tours and travel website, you can include a free foreign exchange calculator to help tourists correctly convert their money into required currencies. Incorporating a free online translator tool will help visitors overcome language barriers.
How often do you gather feedback from your website’s frequent visitors? By maintaining active feedback channels, you’ll be able to teach your visitors un-met needs, then come up with effective solutions that are easily accessible on your website.