How To Improve Your Local Search Ranking

by | Jul 27, 2013 | Unassigned

Through Effective Video Marketing

There are many things in SEO that you can do for improving your local presence but did you know that you can also use a video to do the same. If you didn’t know, then read this article to know more.

Local SEO is very important when you have a small business or a one of its kind business serving only a limited number of places. To target a few places it becomes necessary to include those places in your strategy because otherwise you will just end up ranking for global search results when you most probably don’t even provide a global service. So moving on, did you know that a good video can actually help you improve local search rankings and increase the credibility of your website? If not then please read ahead to find out more regarding this wonderful tool. Below is a list of tips that will help you use video to its full potential.

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the first thing that comes to mind when planning to implement video SEO. YouTube is by far the strongest platform to share your videos, it’s the largest search engine in the world after Google! YouTube is undoubtably the most watched site worldwide, this is why it is paramount to have a useful video promoted here. Establishing a YouTube channel will provide incredible amounts of brand awareness for your business and certainly do wonders for your website. On YouTube you have the option to modify the backgrounds and banners on your YouTube page to make it look your own website. Adding a keyword rich, yet concise description also ensures that all keywords are incorporated as well.

Optimise Your Videos

Getting your videos ranked well is just as important as improving your websites ranking. It’s also important to set a dedicated video title and description within your website. The title and description will help Google rank and index your video. Search engines will know more about the video and the message contained. In addition you could incorporate your business address and other business information within your YouTube video. This way, if your video is interesting and a viewer wants to know more, then he can get in touch with you using those details. Adding your website link within the description is yet another good practice so that the viewer can contact you directly as fast as he can.

Video Transcription for Unique Content

If you have videos on your website then you should transcribe them. This will help you in two ways mainly. First it will be easier to keep the visitor engaged on the page and secondly you will be registered by Google as unique content. This is why it’s very important to have a transcript as it’s also used as unique content.

Use A Press Release for Placing Videos

This is another tip that can be very helpful. Press releases are a great way to promote new deals and offers. A video can make a simple press release far more effective. Video adds that visual impact which keeps your audience engaged for a longer – yet another great technique to reduce your bounce rate.

Whilst video production and marketing is great, it’s only part of the process to generating qualified traffic to your website. It’s paramount that you market all of your videos as you would with any other promotion or content. These tips are the latest and most applicable to the modern methods of search engine optimisation. Without an effective video marketing strategy it’s likely that you won’t have a successful video marketing campaign. For optimum success; create a good informative video and then promote it to all local businesses.