How To Sell Through Online Video

by | May 2, 2013 | Unassigned

It’s astonishing how many businesses avoid promoting their products and services through online video.

Business owners seem to be of the opinion that what they have to offer is dull and boring. To you, it may seem that way, but to the customer visiting your website it’s certainly not. People are visiting your website for further information, they’re not there because they already know everything about your business offerings.

Video is a means of transferring information effectively, making it enjoyable and easy for the user to understand what you provide and how you can help.

Below I have listed a variety of methods that will help you create your video:



Entertain Your Audience


Amusement is probably the best way to engage your audience. In some instances it may not be suitable to appear humorous, however, most businesses could definitely revitalise their whole business proposition by adding a bit of humour.

Incorporating humour within your video is not easy, although a professional video production company should be able to effectively include humour within your video whilst conveying a professional message.

We have all seen TV adverts, the next time you watch you one, analyse what is actually happening within the video, you will find that most adverts include a hint of comedy. People are drawn to positive engagements and people will subconsciously associate your business with their positive experience.



Build Trust


Video provides a great opportunity to build relationships. Unlike traditional forms of online marketing, video enables you to be personable with the viewer. People are also more receptive when they can match a face with the business.

Firstly a professional video production will require some form of investment. Secondly people can’t hide behind a website full of false promises since these will become obvious once they are presented through the video camera. It’s amazing how influential online videos are and how they convert visitors into customers.



Be Unpredictable


Do something unusual within your video, catch your audience off guard – this will make your business memorable. Everyone loves a surprise, it’s entertaining and refreshing when a business includes creative angles within the pitch.

At the end of the day we are all humans, boring scripts and the hard sale just don’t cut it anymore. People are more educated and less likely to fall for deviousness. Human engagement is what customers buy – remember people buy people.

I saw a fascinating video the other day of an Australian real estate company promoting their services. Don’t get me wrong it catches you by surprise. Some may say that it’s a bit OTT however it gets people talking! The video attracted over 50,000 views within a very short period. You need to ask yourself how many networking events or presentations would you need to attend to gain this amount of attention?



Engage Your Audience


Don’t just describe your product or service in front of a camera. This is an improvement in comparison to general content, although to maximise your conversion rates you can tell people a story.

A story is an effective soft-selling strategy. This technique enables the viewer to subconsciously relate themselves to your experience. This way people visualise the benefits and imagine a situation that your offering is needed.



Flaunt The Benefits


Whatever your product or service, there is undoubtedly a benefit. Many business owners make the mistake of expecting their audience to guess what those benefits are. Throughout your video you need to pinpoint the advantages to help the user make an informed purchase decision.

I saw a great video the other day promoting rather boring products; ‘dishwashers’, however I had been looking online to find the dishwasher I required. I wanted a dishwasher that came with a top shelf tray for cutlery. It was becoming quite a challenge to find a dishwasher that met my requirements since most of the websites only provided a couple of images and a short description. I wanted to see what the internal structure was like, since my requirement needed to be fulfilled. At some stage of my search I came across Appliances Online and they made it very easy for me to to make a purchase decision. On their website they provide a short video demonstrating each product and guess what, I found the dishwasher I wanted and bought from them there and then. This is a great example of how online video converts visitors into sales.

It truly pays to have your video professionally produced. You don’t need a huge budget and the value out ways the cost ten fold/


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