Importance of Logo’s

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Unassigned

Logo’s are a band representation. They are what the consumer will associate with the product and can be a symbol of quality, or a symbol of something that is not worth the money. It is how the consumer can recognise your product from a competitor.

The Logo isn’t just a pretty picture, it is your brand, they go hand in hand and this means that anything negative related to the brand effects the logo and vice versa. 

A little bit of history…

The use of Logo’s to represent social rank and identification can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and possibly further back. The symbol of the family house was used to mark a piece of property as belonging to that person and house. It was most commonly used to brand cattle, livestock and, of course, slaves.

In Ancient Greece, they used the logo’s of ruling families on the currency of the time. It was during the Rennaissance of the 13th century when the use of the logo as we would recognise it, began to be used. Craftsman such as goldsmiths, potters and stonemasons began to mark their work with specific designs that would be associated with them and thus the quality of their work.

As human history and technology evolved and began to industrialise, products began to be less recognised by the creator and more about the company that made it. For example, by the 19th century, there were hundreds of lithographic printers in the US but the credit for the art printed went more towards the printing companies than the artist or craftsman. (source)

The Modern-day

The modern usage of logos comes from, the industrialisation of the Victorian era. This is when mass production became enabled and thus meant that there was a renewed interest in credit for craftsmanship, leading to exclusive logo’s. Logo’s represent the brand. There are thousands of logo’s in the market today.

Your logo has to stand out from the crowd, be unique and show what your company is and what it offers. The consumer will relate the brand to wither good quality or bad quality products and being too similar to another logo could mean that their bad reputation will be associated with your products.

Your logo also can’t be something that constantly changes, it is a symbol of stability to the consumer, that you are confident in your product. (source)

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