6 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

by | May 30, 2022 | Unassigned

If you’re a small- to medium-sized business looking for a fail-safe list of ways to increase website traffic, look no further. In this blog post, we’ll be detailing 6 innovative strategies for getting your website seen by as many eyes as possible. More eyes mean more attention; and more attention, means more leads. 

Let’s begin.


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

First things first—let’s talk search engines. More specifically, let’s talk talking to search engines in order for them to give us what we want: web traffic. See, when we make a Google search for ‘web design team Colchester’, it’s Google’s job to trawl through millions of websites and find the ones that best match that description. When it pinpoints the websites it deems most relevant, Google displays those websites first. So, if you want to get hits off Google, you first have to have a conversation with it. SEO is that conversation and its importance can’t be overstated.


2. Prioritise Your Website’s Landing Page

Once you’ve directed visitors to your website through SEO, it’s down to you to hold their attention. The best way to achieve this is by prioritising your website’s landing page. Although this isn’t technically a way to drive visitors to your website, it will make them stay. 

An effective landing page will make visitors want to find out more about your business, make an inquiry and ultimately a purchase. What you want to avoid is a high ‘bounce rate’: the amount of people who are clicking onto your website, but clicking off 5 seconds later. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to prioritise professionally-written content, including effective calls to action. Click here to read up on The 7 Essentials of Web Design to get an idea of what makes people convert. 


3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the simplest ways to increase website traffic. Blog posts (like the one you’re reading right now) are a brilliant way to attract new visitors to your website and establish expertise. People are always on the hunt for quality content that actually answers their burning questions. If you regularly publish valuable advice and information about topics related to what you sell, your readers will have your business in mind when they come to make a purchase. 


4. Email Marketing

Next up: the misunderstood. We’ve talked about the wonders of email marketing before—even dispelled a few myths on the subject which you can check out by clicking here.

Email is viewed as old hat, ineffective—a waste of time and money, but this is demonstrably false. In addition to being one of the cheapest digital marketing strategies out there, email marketing campaigns lead to enormous surges in web traffic because you can target huge amounts of people at once. Send out a newsletter or a new blog post each month, or target prospective clients through good ol’ fashioned advertising. 


5. Social Media Marketing

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need to be open to as many audiences as possible. Keeping active social media pages is a great way to achieve this. More than half the world now uses social media—that’s a percentage that can’t be ignored. However, many small businesses are put off the idea of social media because of a persistent myth…

There’s this idea that only trendy, Carharrt-sponsored coffee shops in Camden do well on social media. This is false. Ask any digital marketing agency out there and they’ll tell you that there’s an audience for pretty much anything on social media. I mean, we’re talking about over half the population here. 


6. Paid Ads

Last but not least on our list of ways to increase website traffic: paid ads. In 2022, the giants of advertising aren’t agencies—they’re tech giants like Google, Facebook and Instagram. For a price, these platforms will grant you access to their audience, bringing the classic advertising formula into the digital age. 

Paid ad campaigns are a sure-fire method of driving people to your website and allow you to target audiences more specific than ever before. And yes—advertising isn’t free, but paid ads can be done very inexpensively and will pay off in the long run because you’ll be targeting the right people, essentially buying access to your ideal target market. No joke!



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