The Art of the Social Media Whizz – Instagram

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Unassigned

Instagram is one the most successful trends in the Social Media world, it is used by more than 600 million users on a daily basis. As good as it might be for those selfies of your date night in a posh restaurant, exotic holiday to the Maldives, a cute pet or a new addition to the family – it can also be an important tool within business in terms of marketing your brand successfully.


Some companies have grown on Instagram and some have even been born via the platform, so what makes Instagram so relevant and popular?

As we all know, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin already have a massive effect on business and the social media world. But Instagram is simple to use and is a completely different avenue, in terms of social media and the effect on your business. It is an avenue where consumers can see your content on a daily basis without feeling overwhelmed by emails and notifications – half of the platform’s users check their feed multiple times a day via their smartphone or tablet.

Consistent users of Instagram will know it’s important to to be appealing, interesting and engaging on Instagram, with regular posts being uploaded to maximise that activity hitting your target audience –

but don’t go overboard!

Try not to focus too much on your following through Instagram, instead make sure you are providing the all important value through your images – then the base of followers will grow naturally. In turn, this will generate more interest in your services and/or product you wish to make money from.

Here at Universal Web Design, we believe your focus should be on emotion surrounding your photos and videos you post. High-quality resolution images will attract followers no problem – we don’t mean adding the many filters the app possesses either!

In terms of these high quality images, a lot of people think filters enhance your photos – which in a way they do, but sometimes one can go over the top with the whole filter process – orange isn’t always a good look if you’re trying to promote your fruity Banana stall!

As long as your images are clean and natural, then you’ll be onto a winner in getting your product or service to look good and attractive on the eye. Contrasts and saturation effects also fall into this bracket – the message is don’t play around with what is natural and looks good already.

Huge companies around the world maximise the impact of Instagram and it’s popularity, fashion labels such as Nike, Vans and ASOS benefit hugely from the social media platform’s visual aspects. Even Starbucks have a huge following, keeping their customers well informed and promoting the idea of that tasty Mocha Frappuccino on your way to work.

One of the most common ways the big boys add to their following on Instagram is the use of Hashtags, this is a great way to increase your activity on #Instagram personally and in business – encouraging more engagement each time you post.

However, many overload their captions with hashtags that aren’t relevant to the image. If you do decide to use hashtags, make sure you keep it to a minimum and only use keywords that are relevant to your service.

The rightful use of hashtags can benefit you with increased likes and comments on your pictures. Whether there is a small amount of following that eventually grows bigger, never ignore the loyal followers who regularly like and comment on your content – ignore them, and risk the possibility of consumers turning their back on your business…

You would make a customer feel valued if he/she walked into your shop or premises, right? So what’s the difference in terms of their presence on Instagram? They might not be standing in front of you, but they still have the power to accept and make use of your service or product – profit!

The above information is key in becoming successful on Instagram, but arguably trends are equally important.

In the fashion industry, things quickly come in and out of fashion all the time, most people want to be wearing the latest up to date trend and not be left of the shelf – this is the same for Instagram in gaining and losing followers.

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