Interior Changes

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Unassigned

In the last two months there have been a lot of changes made at Universal Web Design. The biggest change we have had done is the rearrangement of the office space. For the last couple of years everything has pretty much looked the same. Everyone was upstairs at a desk, and the team was much smaller than it is now. But as the team expands, the office had to undergo some changes.

UWD Office oldThis is how the office use to look. 

Production have now moved downstairs to the newly renovated ground floor. There are new workbenches running along the walls, allowing around 14 people to work. Each person still has 4 computer screens, however the look is a lot more professional and orderly. With production all being closer together, it makes it easier for the team to communicate and work on projects together. Throughout the time the office was under going DIY, work never stopped for Universal Web Design.  Whilst the team had to deal with minor disruption, everyone carried on as normal ensuring that all work was still complete on time and to a high standard. 


Office New UWD

By utilising the space we have, we can now fit more people in the office whilst still giving everyone their space. The dynamics of the office works in favour of general efficiency. The sales team now have their space to make calls without having interruption from anyone else. Likewise, the production team have everyone they need around them. 

All of us here at Universal Web Design are really pleased with the outcome of the office change. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our ever growing team, so if you feel like you have what it takes then get in touch with us today! Call us on 01206 588 000 or drop us a message via our website.