Is Your Branding Consistent?

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Unassigned

At Universal Web Design, we understand that to get your branding out there, marketing must be on top form. Marketing is a simple term for getting your brand known within the right audience. For marketing to be successful, multiple elements but work in unison:

Target the right audience

A misconception is that the larger the audience, the better. But this simply isn’t the case. Being a successful business isn’t a popularity contest, it’s about being popular with those that will purchase your product or service.

For example, there is no difference between having 10,000 facebook followers, if only 10% of such followers convert into sales compared to if your business has 5,000 followers, of which 20% convert to sales. Save energy by appealing to those that are likely to be interested in what your business has to offer.

Give the right impression

So your business is reaching the right people. But what impression are you giving, and is it the right one? The way in which your business is portrayed on social media and other marketing outlets will most likely be the first impression viewers gain. Give the audience the right impression with smart, well designed branding. 

Why is branding so important?

As a business, your services or product may be second to none, but if the branding does not depict that, consumers will be less interested. Visuals are vital to giving the right impression. In marketing, offering consistent branding across all fields will depict a company that is organised and professional. 

At Universal Web Design, the marketing team is well tuned in the understanding of branding and how to appeal to the right market for your business. Not only are we able to produce highly professional marketing material, but we will ensure there is unison across all marketing outlets.

The Universal Web Design packages offer our clients to choose the right marketing services for them. By enabling us to monitor and improve your marketing strategy, you’re able to focus on your business whilst having peace of mind that you’re being represented through the right channels in a professional, consistent manner.