It’s All In The Logo

by | Aug 9, 2020 | Unassigned

Branding is a key aspect of your business. Branding is not just about a nice looking logo, it will often be the first impression consumers see. The logo will be the stamp for a business, the recognisable representation. Therefore a logo should be well thought out, designed and a true reflection of what your business does. A badly designed logo can depict a poorly run business, whether this is the case or not.

When designing a logo, we at Universal Web Design take many aspects of your business into consideration. We design logos to last, to be the logos that consumers spot and automatically know it’s your business. Whether it’s the colour, font or shape, consumers should be able to instantly recognise your logo at a glance. 

Colour and Font

Colour and font are two obvious design elements to take into consideration. Colour depicts a wide array of emotions. We at Universal Web Design take into consideration your business and what it does. We match colours to attract the right emotion to your business.

Font again is very dependable on the type of business. For example, delicate, artistic fonts are more likely to be used for the arts. However, with this in mind, Universal Web Design will always produce a logo that is eye-catching and easy to read.

Consumers will often recognise a logo simply due to the font of the writing or the colour of the background. Because of this, we at Universal will create a unique design for your consumers to remember and connote with your brand. 

Image and Design

For consumers, an image can automatically remind them of your business without your name being seen. Images should be sharp and clear, indenting in the viewers mind every time they see it. The design of your logo, whether with an image, or other graphics should again depict your businesses role whilst still being bold and easy to remember. 

Unique To Your Business

A business is unique, therefore so should the logo. At Universal Web Design, we want to create a logo that stands out from the rest. The logo should be easy to remember, simple to understand and unique to your business. 

At Universal Web Design, our team is able to create memorable logos and branding for any business. If you feel your business could benefit from branding or logo design, contact Universal Web Design on 01206 588 000 or visit our website today.