January Sale Deals

This year is all about marketing your business online. At Universal Web Design, we utilize the latest and leading strategies throughout all online marketing activities and it is no wonder that UWD is one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the area.

2018 continues the trend of information based marketing with content continuing to dominate online. So to ensure your business not only retains existing custom, but also attracts new customers, it is vital you communicate with your customer base on a frequent and ongoing basis.

The internet, along with advances in technology, makes digital

marketing more cost effective than ever and there is no faster, more cost-effective and time-sensitive means of communication than digital – this is where UWD excels.

To ensure your business starts with a spritely step forwards, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of one of the following marketing options at a special New Year rate!

This includes website design and development, online marketing tools, smartphone and SMS marketing, dedicated data and the magic that is SEO!

Deal One – Content That Sells
  • ~ Powerful Content is essential for high conversion rates online. Effective wording and clever structuring of information can turn a glance into enquiries and sales.
  • ~ Our professional writers will assess and re-work your website content into enticing information that inspires and motivates viewers to take action.
  • ~ This service requires a low investment of just £35 per page!
Deal Two  – Traffic Driver
  • ~ A website is like a car and marketing is your fuel. To accelerate ahead of your competitors, we offer the 3 essential marketing strategies to you at 10% off if you order all 3 this January!
  • ~ The internet is the home of information, information that enables buyers to make educated decisions. Through; social media, email marketing and blog posts, we can attract, educate, entice and explain how and why businesses should buy from you.
  • ~ Most successful businesses implement these three marketing strategies – do you? If not – this year is the time to get started!
Deal Three – Get Inside Your Customer’s Pocket
  • ~ Mobile Apps and SMS Messaging are forecast to be a top trend in 2018. Do not miss the boat on owning your own mobile app for just £250 this January.
  • ~ A mobile app enables your business to be featured on the screen of all of your customer’s mobile phones. Considering we all access our phones many times, every day, this is very cheap marketing indeed.
  • ~ Furthermore, with an app we build for you, alerting customers of any new services or special offers becomes quick and easy!

How To Claim Your January Sales Offer

Here at Universal Web Design, we specialise in building and managing leading mobile applications, great online marketing strategies, engaging websites and important security upgrades in all business industries. Now no longer expensive with our January Sale deals!

Just call us on 01206 588000 and ask about our January Sale deals
Or to claim your deal email us at sales@universalwebdesign.co.uk
Ask one of our team about claiming your deal via our live chat