Know Your SEO (Part 2)

 The Technical Stuff

There are many actions that you should take when constructing or modifying your site to make your website more visible to search engines.

>> Your most important content should be in HTML text format as images, video, audio, Flash files and plug-in content are often ignored by the engines. If you do include these elements, make sure they have accompanying descriptive text.

>> In order to check how search engines are seeing your web pages, use tools like Google’s cache or to see which elements of your page are visible and indexible to engines.

>> Give your website a clear hierarchy so that every page is reachable through a text link.

>> Ensure keywords are prominently used in titles, text and meta data. The more specific you are the better. Use your keyword in the title at least once, at least two to three times in the body copy and once in the URL. Use Google’s Keyword Tool for accuracy.

>> Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool will suggest keywords and provide you with an estimated search volume.

>> Ending every title tag with your brand name and can increase brand awareness.