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In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, where knowledge is power, the ability to skillfully manage and deliver learning resources is paramount. Start monetising your knowledge today, whether it be in business, politics, health and well being, sales, marketing, music, film, cooking or construction. The possibilities are endless.Discover why learning management is the cornerstone of success in the modern world of education and business. Contact us today! From just £120 a month you can have your perfect website, dont miss out and enquire today!

What’s Included?

Course Management

Efficiently organise, structure, and deliver educational content with course management in your learning management system. Tailor your courses, define learning objectives, and set the path for effective knowledge transfer.

Content Management

Content management within your learning management system ensures that your educational materials are at your fingertips. From documents and videos to quizzes and assignments, easily store, manage, and provide access to a wealth of learning resources.

User Management

Empower administrators with the tools to oversee user access and roles in your Learning Management System. With User Management, ensure that learners, instructors, and administrators have the right permissions and settings to support effective learning.

Assessment and Testing

Assessment and Testing functionalities in your Learning Management System enable the creation and administration of quizzes and tests. Accurately gauge learner progress, provide timely feedback, and enhance the educational experience.


Tracking and Reporting

Harness the power of data and insights with tracking and reporting in your learning management system. Monitor learner engagement, track course completion, and generate comprehensive reports to make informed decisions and improvements.

Collaboration and Communication

Foster a dynamic learning environment with collaboration and communication features in your learning management system. Facilitate discussions, encourage peer interactions, and ensure seamless communication between learners, instructors, and administrators.


Optional Extras


Mobile Learning Support

With the growing reliance on mobile devices, many LMSs offer mobile learning support. This allows learners to access course materials, complete assignments, and engage with content on smartphones and tablets, providing flexibility and accessibility.


Booking System

Our commitment is to simplify the scheduling process for courses, events, and appointments, ensuring convenience for both learners and administrators. Your experience with our booking system will be efficient, user-friendly, and designed to optimise your educational offerings.