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Manage Social Media:

Managing Social Media is the best way to build up your business but also maintain and keep audiences interested with approximately 95% of people having a mobile phone. This percentage has been constant since 2015. Here at universal web design, we have a team of skilled professionals to take the hassle of uploading, creating content for every social media. Our packages for social media marketing that we offer are clear fixed monthly costs from bronze £75.00. To platinum plus at £250.00 and all differ in content. Up to 3 social media accounts from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With over 2.6 Billion people using Facebook it’s a clear and most cost-effective way to get your name out there.

As time goes on with our bronze to platinum plus. We can keep track of what works best and what draws in the most attention to social media. What is the best way to manage Social Media stress-free than to get an expert to do this for you?

You will have your own Social Media manager to help your account stand out from the rest of the competitors. Who will more than likely manage social media? For example, We will be the ones keeping up to date with trends. We understand that while running a business this can be difficult to juggle as well as Manage Social Media accounts. 

Social Media

How does managing social media help?

With the use of our experts here at Universal Web Design, we can produce relevant content that helps your business grow which will be seen by people who may not follow or keep on track with your business posts. But I’m positive they will be by the time we draw interest in with high substance posts that stand out. We use hashtags and follow statistics and analytics, we are able to maximize post potential to get your post seen by a large audience. We also understand it can be daunting starting a social media page. Even if your business has been around and hasn’t started up a social media page we are here to help this process.

We have over 600 companies which have already chosen us to be trusted with Managing Social Media, why not be next?


To find out more about how we can manage your Social Media accounts. Please contact us on 01206 588000, alternatively email us on with any questions or queries.