Manufacturer Website For Colair Electronics

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Manufacturer Website

Colair Electronics have been around for over 30 years and has seen much in its development from manufacturing various manual or automatic ventilation controls to camera systems for clients such as Ladbrokes and Coral. Nowadays some of Colair Electronics’ services include security systems, fan controls, bespoke manufacturing and more. Colair Electronics have a standing reputation for providing the best automatic control systems available. Colair Electronics searched top quality website design and came across Universal Web Design, an internet marketing agency providing web design in Colchester though affordable web design packages and search engine optimisation services which help businesses reach their true potential.

The Colair Electronics website features one of Universal Web Design’s small business website design packages that can integrate features such as search engine optimisation services and affordable SEO marketing which would make your business easier to find by potential and soon to be returning clients. The Colair Electronics website itself is set on a tri-colour-like scheme which separates different sections of the website. For example the top is in black and contains the company name along with the navigation links of the website whereas the middle green-blue colour contains the phrase “we manufacture bespoke products on request” (which features all through the webpage and on all navigation tabs) then followed by a text section in simple black and white. However one really useful feature incorporated by Universal Web Design was the “search” and “contact us” section which is always present on the right hand side. So whenever you can’t find what you’re looking for you can search for it, and if it is still not found, you can contact Colair Electronics to help you find it!

As part of Colair Electronic’s design they have a product section where they feature the products that are most regularly requested, so you can be assured that if it is a common problem, you will find a solution. Each product contains a brief description outlining function and some useful specifications accompanied by an image of the product. This part of Colair Electronics’s website allows for a possibly puzzled client to get an idea of what they might require for example: “Oh that looks like the ‘thing’ that broke the other day”. If you can’t find what you are looking for then you can contact Colair Electronics who would manufacture the product for you. Another feature of the company itself is the quality of the products by selling OEM (original equipment manufacturers) you are assured of a high standard, reliability and a quality fit – something a cheap ‘knock-off’ will not always provide.

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