Marine Website Design For Taska Marine

by | Jan 29, 2013 | Unassigned

Marine Website Design

Taska Marine was formed in 2009

as part of a joint venture between Red7Marine and Challis & Sons. Taska Marine is built on experience and has seen its way through 20 years of boat building, dredging, marine construction and diving industries. This extensive background accompanied by 20 years of experience gives Taska Marine a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how to create high quality products and provide a first-class professional service. Taska Marine has recently had a new website created for them by Universal Web Design, an internet marketing agency providing web design in Colchester through affordable web design packages and search engine optimisation services which help businesses reach their true potential.

The Taska Marine website comprises of a mainly yellow and green theme which works really well together because of the contrasting properties of the two colours making the text much easier to see. One of Taska Marine’s focal products is the TASKA 1204. Universal Web Design has created a special tab on the navigation bar for the TASKA 1204 which includes various descriptions and accompanying images. The images also vary in type such as a computer generated model and 2D drawings (which can be downloaded) and present a lot of information very clearly and easy to follow to potential clients. At the top of the web page is an embedded YouTube clip of one of the TASKA models in action. A good example of Universal Web Design’s video production in Essex and also the various mediums used to convey the information and make the site that much more user friendly.

One feature that comes across quite strongly in all of Universal Web Design’s website designs are the level of access which is created by the actual design of the website for example how easy it is to contact the company. In the case of Taska Marine there is a contact box and links to Taska Marine’s Facebook and Twitter which allows users to ask a question to find out more information much easier. The fantastic benefit of this is that Taska Marine can cater to this query with a possible service or product that is not advertised on the website; maybe it is a special request? It is very satisfying to know that you have this feature as a buyer because it allows you to buy with confidence and if you are not sure you can always just ask another question and have it answered by the creators of the product or service providers themselves.

Taska Marine has a well thought out and trendy website that is easy to navigate and caters for all their clients and potential clients’ needs thanks to Universal Web Design’s affordable small business website design packages! When looking for website design in Colchester; Universal Web Design’s affordable web design packages and search engine optimisation services has shown to consistently improve the overall user experience on the site and ease at which information is made accessible to the clients which in turn has lead to increased sales and profits. Universal Web Design will create a captivating first impression to visitors to your site.