Mirra Turkish Restaurant in Colchester

At Universal Web Design, we designed and built a website for Mirra Turkish Restaurant in Colchester.


Design Decisions For Mirra Restaurant’s Website:

MIRRA RestaurantOur in-house web design team designed the entire website to make it tailored towards Mirra’s wants and needs. This included having a booking page. So customers would be able to book a table at the restaurant from within the website, instead of having to contact one of Mirra’s staff. This makes the process makes it more user friendly and easier for a customer. As otherwise they might go elsewhere if a booking process is very lengthy.

We also made sure to include Mirra’s entire food and drinks menu on the website, separated into two pages. This was done to improve the experience for a customer even more. Because now a customer will not need to go searching around for Mirra’s menu when they can find it directly on the website.

Additionally, the choice to have different pages for the food and drinks menu is important. This is because a user can find what they are looking for much faster, since drinks and food are separated. So, if a user is trying to find a cocktail drink for example they will be able to do it much faster.

We created a contrasting colour scheme of black, orange and white for the website. This was done to make all the text and images standout from the dark background. Due to this, the website is more accessibility friendly, as the text can be read more easily. In addition to, the text being spaced out with images and not being bunched up together.

Furthermore, our in-house web design team built the website in WordPress. This was done so all of the content on the website can be easily managed and maintained. As well as, WordPress is more supported and constantly updated, making the security of Mirra’s website much higher!


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