Is Your Website Modern and User Friendly?

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Unassigned

Keeping your website well maintained,

is crucial for high SEO rankings,

fresh, modern changes and a user friendly journey, ensuring the return of established clients and creating something stunning for those who have yet to be recommended to it or simply stumble across it.

It’s important to keep your branding the same, so visitors can become familiar to your company but updating your website is fundamental.

Fashion Statement – Style, fashion, trends are not just clothes and jewellery but design and marketing. To be superior and dominant – leading in your industry – will ensure the best image of your company is portrayed, and therefore another client is wowed and sold, the main reason for redesign, for fresh looks, for stepping up your game in the fast moving digital age.

Health and Vitality – Your website needs to be a reflection of how you treat every aspect of your company. If your website becomes old, slow, stagnant and unappealing – do you really expect the client to use your company in such competitive times? The client could connect your website to all your products, services and processes and it won’t be in a good way. Fresh, exciting times must be communicated to your client at all times, using the first face of your company – your website.

Catch and Convert – If you’re looking after your essential business needs, you’re keeping your company’s website up to date, with new content, original and crisp designs, a company video and SEO friendly text and tweaks. So important is it now to keep your visitors on your site for longer, converting them into buyers, that keeping a well honed piece of digital art and performance as your website will benefit you no end. Engage your visitors – convert them to clients – then it becomes your turn to complete that sale.

The answer is with Universal Web Design and our Website Management Services! From just £20 a month we can keep your website up to date and running efficiently with our team of talented developers. The service will ensure your website’s health and vitality is up and out of this world. The service comes with standard and platinum rates so be sure you give us a call or email us to find out about which level is right for you. And starting from just £20 making sure you’re doing something, is so much better than doing nothing!

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