Optimise Your Web Design – Part 2!

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Unassigned


Welcome Back!

Once your funnels, maps and frames are set up, or at the very least, planned out, you can start thinking about the really exciting stuff; the website design! Visual components are key. We are, by nature, drawn to striking imagery, this is an unavoidable fact of our humanity! The more interesting an image, the more curiosity it will generate; you can take that to the metaphorical bank! We will create your site to revolve around relevant visuals. To neglect photographs and images, is to drop your site into a plaintext desert! At Universal Web Design, we use a vast range of image software, so we can not only choose relevant content, we can, and do create content that POPS!


If your website cannot function efficiently, then it cannot generate revenue, let alone interest! You need to know, without doubt, what your website will do, and how it will do it. Set it out, and keep it simple. Your interactions with your clients, potential and current, will define you and your business strategy. If you cannot converse seamlessly with your consumer base, then you won’t be able to sell to them, and they won’t ever recommend you! A healthy relationship, at this stage (a vital stage at that!) is more important than deep pockets. You need to be friendly, in content and design, if a site is hard to use, people will look elsewhere!


Test. Test. And test again! Essentially, you never want to stop testing; though the frequency will diminish over time, it should remain as vigorous as possible. There is nothing worse than a 404, BELIEVE us. We will ensure that your site works on all platforms, operating systems and devices! We test, and then we collect data. Data is your not-so-secret weapon in this beautiful interchange. So use it to your advantage! Don’t know how? Do not worry. We track, analyze, and collate your data, so we can make your website do it’s very best. Optimisation is the name of the game! And we are very good at it, if we do say so ourselves!


Mutability. This is what defines a website. If you want, you can tear it down and start again, in a day, or a week, with a shop, you’re stuck there, and so is the sign – it’s literally stuck to the building! You can explore anything you want to explore. That is why we always recommend online stores and or websites to our customers, and they never regret it!


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