Our Approach To Social Media Management

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Unassigned

At Universal Web Design we understand the importance of an effective brand image. That is why our bespoke Website Designs are always tailored to you. What we also understand though, is that having a Website alone is no longer enough. That is why we offer our Social Media Marketing Packages, to promote your brand and engage with potential clients.

Our Social Media Packages are built around several key features. One is convenience. We have a dedicated team of Social Media specialists on hand throughout the day to keep constant watch over your accounts, meaning you don’t have to. They are able to interact immediately with customers; replying to feedback and directing traffic toward your website or premises. Ultimately they are able represent your business as attentive and helpful.

It is this engagement with customers that makes this such an important media platform on which to market your product or services. Your Social Media Manager will upload videos, images and other shareable content at strategic points throughout the day;

anticipating the impact on followers and connections.

The ultimate goal of any ongoing Social Media campaign is to promote two things; brand awareness and usefulness. We do this through promoting your products or services in a professional and engaging way, but also through developing relationships with clients too. When we aren’t selling we are offering industry news and advice, culminating in discussion and hopefully long term loyalty to your brand.

Our Social Media Marketing Packages start from as little as £75 per month, ranging from 120 combined updates to as many as 800. All our packages are inclusive of the essential platforms; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ too, meaning wherever your customers are we can find them.

So if you are looking for a convenient way of engaging with your client base then look no further than Universal Web Design and get in touch today – sales@universalwebdesign.co.uk

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