Our Top FIVE Web Design Trends For 2019

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Unassigned

Take Your 2019 Venture!

A website is the perfect platform for your business online. But hang on a moment, don’t you want to know the 2019 trends that could make your website stand out from the rest? Of course you do!

Whether you were rocking the 2018 trend of yesteryear, or looking to upgrade your website wardrobe with a flashy new look, our web design experts have the knowledge and skills to take your 2019 venture into the future.

In fact, you may have already come across several websites already experimenting with the latest web design trends: it could be a user-friendly interface, product-focused videos, or for that matter, appealing layouts.

If you like what you see, our team can make your website dream become reality. So, without further or do, find out how we can help you and let’s take a look at some of the trends about to rock 2019 to the core:

We use colours that are bright & vibrant

First on the menu for web design trends in 2019 is colours that contain brightness and vibrance. From bright neons to metallics, we can cater for your colour requirement. This bold and bright approach represents and ultimately ensures their brand stands out from the rest.  Warmer tones such as blue, gold, purple, yellow, and green that evoke the right emotions will also be popular throughout the new year.

Universal Web Design

Keep it clean

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication online. This approach is mainly because it makes your website look clean and clutter-free. Avoid information overload and allow our designers to focus on professional design and copy – we essentially help users find what they are exactly looking for in the site, instantly.

Universal Web Design

Introduce videos to your website

A website is one thing, but a video that is professionally produced, edited and finally uploaded to your new site is a beneficial process many of our existing clients have benefited from. A video that focuses on your product and/or service is ideal for more coverage and brand awareness. The best videos catch user attention in just a few seconds, but our professional team know only too well what goes into making a professional and effective video for your business and website. Here at Universal Web Design, we produce corporate and product focused videos for your business!

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Map it out

As we all know, the world of online has moved onto mobile. With people browsing their smartphones more often than not, it has become more important than ever for websites to come up with thumb-friendly navigation. Our designs cater for mobile, tablet and PC formats, so whatever device your users are using, we can provide the perfect resolution.

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Livechat is a fantastic and beneficial tool to have on your website, our developers can install this and give you a 24/7 port of call for users to access you. Whether you’re in the office or in bed, your business will be accessible to customers. Livechat will ultimately be making its presence felt more and more on web pages with enhanced customisations than has ever been seen before. With the use of more bright and vibrant colours, Livechat will be more prominent and inviting on the page.

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Furthermore, if you and your business have a web design or development query throughout 2019, our in-house team headed by the talented Cristina Ignat, can help you from start to finish.

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You can speak to the professionals directly, you have the choice of either speaking with them on the phone or visiting our office in Colchester, Essex and learn more about your potential project.

If you want to take your business to attract more leads and conversions, then, without fail, let Universal Web Design tap into the above top five web design trends and give your business and customers the fantastic online presence it deserves. Get in touch with us by calling 01206 588 000 or email us as sales@universalwebdesign.co.uk.