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Pay Per Click Agency

A Pay Per Click Agency is something that anyone serious about marketing their business online should consider. Pay Per Click (PPC) can be complicated and difficult to understand if you are only just starting out. It can also be fairly straight forwards. It all really depends on how you look at it and how well you understand it.

Pay Per Click advertising. You know when you google a search term or keyword and the first few results have an ad tag on them? That is Pay Per Click. See, you pay to be at the top of the search results and every time that a potential customer or client clicks on that link, you get charged. The more the link is clicked on and the longer a potential client o customer stays on your website, the less you are charged. This is a service that pays for itself. But it does need attention to be truly effective and that is when you need a Pay Per Click Agency.

This is an incredible way to boost your revenue and increase your brand exposure. Everyone knows that being on the first few pages of a search result means that you are more likely to be clicked on and make a sale relevant to the search term. How about being amongst the first few?

Universal web design is experts when it comes to Pay Per Click and have some incredible success stories with our clients. We will help you to create dynamic and interesting landing pages that will capture the attention of the potential customer or client to ensure that it will result in sales. We will set up your Pay Per Click account and work closely with you to ensure that the right campaigns are being set up with the services that you want to capitalise on and that the Landing page is suited for you and your brand.

We are expert PPC specialists that are waiting for you to get in contact with us today! Marketing is what we do and what we are truly passionate about. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you. Visit our website on, email us at or give us a call on 01206 588 000.