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Pay Per Click Company

CopywriterWhat is pay per click?

‘Pay per click’ or ‘PPC’ is a service where companies pay a fee when their advert is clicked on. For many businesses, the cost of ‘pay per click’ is outweighed by the potential customer drawn to the website. There is multiple ‘pay per click’ advertising systems out there. For many, GoogleAds is the most popular due to the high amount of traffic using the site.


How pay per click works

By using GoogleAds and creating an ‘Ad’, advertisers have the ability to increase their ranking. Keywords are chosen for the ‘Ad’, an advertiser can have more than one keyword. When such keywords are typed into the search engine, your website may appear. The appearance of your website is down to multiple factors, of which are all analysed in a complicated algorithm. Your site is likely to rank higher if you’re willing to bid more for the keyword, and the quality of the landing page. 


As an advertiser, payment will only be made when your site is clicked on. Bid prices can be set, allowing the advertiser to control the budget. As mentioned, the bid price does affect the ranking score, however, it is not the sole attribute.


How to rank highly 

Pay per click isn’t as simple as, the more you pay the higher your ranking. In fact, the ‘quality’ score is of high importance. For Google, the quality score is called an Ad Rank. The Ad Rank is based upon multiple factors relating to your landing page, such as the following:


  • Landing page content 
  • Click-through rate 
  • The location of the person searching, compared to the location of your business. 
  • How many other advertisers have the same keyword? 


How can Universal Web Design Help?

Pay per click has so many different components to it. As a pay per click company, Universal Web Design are able to create competitive Ads upon your request. Not only are we able to give advice on keywords, but also in regards to the search area, budget, and improvements for the landing page. All components are key to the success of an Ad.