3 Simple & Effective Photoshop Tutorials

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Unassigned

By Daniel Jones

This article is going to help you get started learning to use Photoshop. Everybody has to start somewhere and a lot of advanced tutorials can become off putting to new learners. Here I am going to help you achieve maximum effects with minimum effort.

If you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer and have had little experience with it then you will want to keep reading. I spent a lot of time crawling from site to site trying to find some simple ways to create interesting effects but never found any easy to follow guides.

    1. Removing unwanted aspects from images in 30 seconds.

Here we will be turning this old image of my dog swimming in the sea into an image of just the sea:


First open you image in Photoshop.

Then click on the healing brush tool and click and drag over the area that you no longer want in the image.

Let go of the mouse and you will see it has been cleanly removed with no effort and little time spent!


    1. Turning a photo into a painting


First click on your layer you wish to apply the effect to (if you have multiple flatten your image by right clicking on a layer and selecting flatten image)

Then in the menu bar at the top go to “filter”, “artistic” then click “dry Brush…”


You will then be able to change the settings to the dry brush effect inside there and the box to the left will show you a preview of any changes made.


When you are happy with it click okay and you will see your finished image.

  1. Fading an image into the background

First get you background image and your foreground image on different layers.


Next (if you are using text, right click on the layer and go to rasterize type) go to the bottom and click on the logo that adds a layer mask (circle inside a box).


Next go to the gradient tool and select a gradient that goes from 100% opacity left to 0% opacity right.


Click ok and go to where you want to image to fade in from.


You will then see the image looking like this: