The Power Of SMS Marketing

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Unassigned

Short message service or SMS is a great way to get a message out to a large number of clients at once. Not only can you use it to update people, but you can also send out surveys, promotional offers and new releases. 

To get the most out of SMS marketing you first need to have a good marketing team with great marketing strategies. You then need to know your clients and have a clear understanding of the kind of people you are aiming your product or service at. 

In order to do this you can analyse purchase history and location based on demographics. You should aim segmented messages at particular clients for targeted promotions and send bulk messages when it’s general sales and promotions. 

Make sure you get to the point. You have 160 characters to get a clear and concise message across. Don’t use open ended messages as they can be interpreted in the wrong way, leading to a loss in customers. Example: give an end date to promotions. 

Use calls – to – action to increase customer engagement, as that is precisely what you want them to do. Examples: click here, text to win, buy now, show this text.

Timing is everything. It takes people on average 3 minutes to open a text message, promoted sales or offers are most effective when they are last minute impulses. The recommended time to send messages out is between 9am and 8pm because otherwise you are more than likely to start annoying your clients with early morning texts. 

The beautiful thing about SMS is that you can promote opt-in to all media. That way you will increase your following on social media too and that then has a knock on effect to the number of clients you reach. 

Focus on key customers. Identify the people who often buy your product or service and try targeting them. These people are also the ones that leave feedback and promote your brand to their friends and family. By rewarding them with extra benefits and special offers, you will more than likely retain those customers for a long time.

Group sharing SMS 

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