– Digital Consultancy
– 1 Meeting
– Identifying and understanding your objectives
– Basic review of marketing strategies and costs

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The bronze digital consultancy package is predominantly used as a taster and an insight into how we could help your business grow through online and offline marketing consultancy. Our planned and personalised encounters will ensure that the time allotted is utilised


A current performance review

  • This is important to ensure you are staying on top of your goals and where points can be analysed for improvements.

Identifying and understanding your objectives

  • This ensures that step-by-step goals are met and new ones formulated.

A basic review of your current marketing strategies and costs

  • We can review where money can be saved and where money needs to be spent to ensure the right results.

We will share other marketing channels that would benefit your business

  • We can identify marketing routes you may not be using and where this can be reviewed.



What’s the benefit of this package?

  • You will receive expert business guidance and assistance in every aspect of your business helping you to grow and establish your brand.

Additional Options

  • Ultimate Marketing Package
  • Web Design
  • SEO


“The help I get through this package is truly invaluable to my me and my business. I would recommend it to everyone!”

S.B – Colchester