– Digital Consultancy
– 4 Meetings
– Identifying and understanding your objectives
– Basic review of marketing strategies and costs

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The gold digital consultancy package is very similar to what is set out in our silver package although we created this package as most clients prefer to have three encounters to cover all aspects thoroughly and having time in between to cover all thoughts and desires before rushing into any decisions.

The gold digital consultancy package includes three half-day meetings to cover all aspects of your business with a particular focus on traditional and digital marketing as those are the key aspects to make any business successful. Throughout the meeting we will set out clear goals and objectives as well as dates to when you want to achieve those by.


Key aspects that this package includes are as follows:

  • An in-depth current performance review
  • Discussion and identification of your short and long term objectives
  • Product profile analysis
  • Identification of product or service opportunities
  • A full marketing strategy cost vs performance review
  • Insights into other marketing channels available
  • Four half-day consultancy sessions


What’s the benefit of this package?

  • You will receive¬†expert business guidance and assistance in every aspect of your business helping you to grow and establish your brand.

Additional Options

  • Ultimate Marketing Package
  • Web Design
  • SEO


“The help I get through this package is truly invaluable to my me and my business. I would recommend¬†it to everyone!”

S.B – Colchester