– E-Commerce Website
– Online Shop
– Up To 5 Pages
– We Upload Up To 15 Products For You
– Business Hosting = £20 Per Month

Best Social Media Package

Best Ultimate Marketing Package


If you want to maximise your growth potential, an online store is the way forward. It’s all about distribution of product which will inherently distribute your brand as well. Every company has a competitor, and if your competitor has an online store and you don’t, then you will be getting left behind. We have created a plethora of online stories, so we know what we’re doing. An interesting product deserves an interesting process.


icon1User guide
We enjoy the simple things. We will therefore provide each and every new customer with a comprehensive user guide, so you can make changes to your website when and where you want to!


Many web design companies neglect security. We, do not! Our team have many tools at their disposal. All of these tools are designed to reduce risk, and minimise potential damage. We take our security seriously!

icon3Social media integration

Search engines are great, obviously! But what you really need is complete social media integration. Yes! We do that, thanks for asking. Add social media management to your package and you will see first hand just how good it is to be everywhere! All the time!

icon4Regular backups

If all hell breaks loose, you need not panic! (honestly, don’t panic!) We regularly backup your website so that you’ll never lose a thing; no data, no code, no information, no content, it is always safe!

icon5Analytic reports

Want to know how many people visit your website each week? Each month maybe? Well, you can! We install Google analytics, as standard. We can then, at request, send you a report with this data in!

icon6Search engine friendly

All our websites are search engine friendly. No exceptions. We make sure that your website can be found by any and all search engines, from Bing to Mozilla! Want some serious search engine optimisation? Contact us for a quote!

icon72 hours free support

Once your website is up and live, you will receive 2 hours of free support, not that you’ll need it!
(But just in case you do)


icon8Free domain name
All of our website design packages include a free domain name as standard! Not only does this streamline the process, it also gives you your own slice of the internet!


icon9Full cross browser compatibility
Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE, your website will always look and act the same! We test rigorously, so your customers can browse regardless of browser choice!


What’s the difference between an E-Commerce store and a general website?

  • An E-Commerce store allows you to make purchases online. Simple!

How many products do I get uploaded?

  • This depends on the package. However, you can have as many as you like for an extra charge.

Additional Options

  • Social Media
  • Ultimate Marketing Package
  • Email Marketing


“I love my website and what’s more so do my customers! Buying has never been so easy!”

S.J – Colchester