– Email Marketing
– 2 Emails Per Month
– Design & Content Included
– Unlimited Contacts

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Email marketing services are tried and tested method of provider-client-communication. It is quick, it’s hassle free and convenient. It is also an extremely cost effective way to advertise to your existing customers; email marketing allows you to attract new ones as well! We draft, send, re-calibrate (if required), resend – you get the idea, the point is, we never send a campaign out that our customers aren’t 100% satisfied with.


Open communication with clients is an essential component of business. Our campaigns help to improve communication and build relationships with your customers.
Each campaign is tracked using advanced email marketing software. Simply login and view the success of each campaign.
Understand your customers like never before. Our reporting system makes it easy for you to identify the hottest leads, allowing you to convert them into sales.
Regular Updates
The success of any marketing campaign is dependent upon quality and frequency. For best results keep your customers up to date on a regular basis.
Product & Service Promotion
Every campaign is commercially driven, regardless of whether the message is focused on brand awareness or promoting your products and services.
Industry Related News
Email marketing is not all about selling. We engage and entertain your customers through varied messages and innovative marketing tactics.
Customer Support
Our email-marketing manager will assist you with any campaign complications that arise, reports, email contents and much more.
Brand Engagement
Email is a direct communication channel and arguably the most powerful marketing strategy available. We tailor every message with your audience in mind.


Who will my emails go out to? 

  • We have our own expansive data list here at Universal Web Design but we would love to use yours too to help re-engage your current clients and keep them coming back!

Why do I need email marketing?

  • Simple…it’s the most direct form of marketing to connect with your new and existing contacts!

What will it do for my brand? 

  • Make it 100% better! Not only that…it will increase your brand awareness out to the masses!

Additional Options

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Management
  • SMS Marketing


“My emails are always expertly written, with the design looking amazing and very engaging. My existing clients love staying updated and my click-through rate is better with Universal than it ever has been before!”

C.B, Clacton