– Pay Per Click
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Per per click is advertising on the google search engine, with you only paying for each click, and setting a budget, this ensures that it is only as expensive as you make it. Our Pay Per Click expert manages the campaign, improves relevance and helps to maximise conversions as well as lower the cost per click.


Google Qualified

  • Unlike most digital marketing providers, we are Google qualified to ensure all of the latest best practices are followed closely to benefit you and your business most.


  • Keywords are an important aspect of any pay per click campaign. We work closely with you to decide upon which keywords will drive quality traffic to your website.

Google Updates

  • The search engine results pages show different results on a daily basis and where your website and or adverts display will always be changing, hence the importance for us to monitor your adverts frequently.

Competitor Analysis

  • Knowing who ranks for what terms is of great importance to us as this enables us to optimise your website and its adverts, to out-rank and out perform your competitors.

Additional Options

  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Build


“My Pay Per Click Campaign always generates the enquiries I need and I receive regular updates from my account manager!”

P.B, Chelmsford