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Platinum Plus


– Mobile Application Package
– 5/10 pages
– Content Management System
– IOS and Google Play



Mobile applications, or apps, as they are now commonly known, are without doubt, the fastest growing sector in the digital marketing industry at present. Mobile apps are therefore vital to the future success of your business, as well as the continued distribution of your brand both internationally and nationally. Your digital marketing strategy should incorporate smartphone marketing and application development to allow for maximum online exposure which is a proven recipe for success. Mobile applications are proving to be an incredibly lucrative marketing channel for businesses as it is convenient for customers to access information on your business at a click of a button.


Content Management System

  • A content management system, also referred to as a CMS allows you to edit your website content easily, including text, images, videos and audio. Our CMS is incredibly easy to use and loved by many happy customers.


  • Most web design companies neglect the security of a mobile application, however, we understand that you want peace of mind. Subsequently, our team implements multiple features that will greatly reduce the chance of any malicious threat occurring.

Regular Backups

  • Don’t worry! In the unlikely event something were to go wrong with your mobile app, whether it be a simple break in the code or malicious attack, we have you covered. We back up all apps on a regular basis.

Take Control

  • Update your app as and when you need with new images and or content. Updating your app with current information is quick and easy. If you encounter any issues, just give us a call.

User Guide

  • We like to make things easy for our customers. Subsequently, you will receive a user guide on how to edit and manage your mobile application.


  • Your mobile application is hosted on professional servers, this ensures your app loads quickly and updates both the Google Play Store and Apple Store regularly.

Contact Information

  • Even without internet access, your customers will be able to access and view key contact details including your telephone, mobile or address making it easy for them to find you on the move.

Google Play Store

  • The Google Play Store makes it easy and safe for mobile users to download mobile apps. Universal Web Design is Google Play Store approved, enabling us to publish your app directly for potentially millions of customers to access and use.

Apple App Store

  • Millions of users access and download mobile applications for the Apple App Store and your app could be one of them. Universal Web Design is an approved publisher of apps enabling us to publish your app directly to the Apple App Store.


Why do I need a Mobile App?

  • A Mobile App is great because it lands you right in the hands of your customers – night and day!

What are the benefits of having a mobile app? 

  • A mobile app is a great benefit to any business because put simply…it only generates more awareness!

How will my mobile app look?

  • It’s a carbon copy of your website but simply on a different, more accessible platform!

Additional Options

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Development


“My customers love my app and it really helps them contact me at the click of a button!”

J.P – Chelmsford