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– SEO Package
– 50 Keywords
– Keyword Tracking
– Monthly Report


Our Platinum Plus SEO package is completely bespoke and fully designed to meet your businesses requirements. We use a successful and structured approach to all SEO efforts. This ensures that your website benefits from all search engine optimisation practices available. Our focus is to create high quality content and share through highly respected networks


Google Qualified
  • Unlike most digital marketing providers, we are Google qualified to ensure all of the latest best practices are followed closely to avoid penalties and to ensure your website is optimised for search engines, safely, ethically and effectively.


  • Keywords are an important aspect of any SEO campaign. We work closely with you to decide upon which keywords that will drive quality traffic to your website.

Daily Ranking Checks

  • The search engine results pages show different results on a daily basis and where your website will rank on a day to day is never easy to predict, however, on-going improvements is what we will ensure is achieved.

Competitor Analysis

  • Knowing who ranks for what terms is of great importance, as this enables us to optimise your website, to out-rank┬ácompetitors. This is an area we check and monitor on an ongoing basis.

Onsite SEO

  • Most business owners do not understand why their website ranks where it does, we remove all guess-work by analysing all aspects of your website, presenting you with this information and fixing all issues.

Offsite SEO

  • Trust is earned and the same applies to how Google ranks websites. If Google does not trust you, it will not favour you. We work hard to ensure your website has a large and varied link portfolio from reputable websites to ensure trust is gained from major search engines such as Google.


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What can you expect with an SEO package from UWD?
You will receive monthly reports, an in-house expert working consistently on your package, an in-house team ready to answer any questions you may have, and you can be as involved in the campaign as you would like.

How will you know how my rankings are doing?
We set up an auditing suit on your site on your behalf which allows us to stay up to date with Google’s algorithms and changes. This is a commitment of a minimum term of 12 months.

How will I know if the keywords chosen are the best ones for my business?
Our SEO export stays on top of your keyword rankings at all times. They will be able to see if they are well suited for your business, typically after 3-6 months. You will also receive an end of month report which shows your rankings at the beginning of the month and at the end.

Can I upgrade my SEO package?
Of course you can! If you would like to upgrade your SEO package at any point throughout the campaign, simply let us know!

Can I downgrade my SEO package?
We understand that sometimes business may be slow or circumstances may change. Therefore, if you need to, we can downgrade your SEO campaign to suit your changed circumstances. Our minimum term for any SEO package is 12 months.

What services should I order in addition to SEO?
There are many services which work extremely well with SEO. Some of the services we would recommend to go hand in hand with SEO are pay per click, social media and blogs. Call our team to find out more!

What is the minimum term of an SEO package?
Due to the set up process for each client we have a minimum term of 12 months for any SEO package.

What is the notice period of my SEO package?
Due to the work that goes into setting up and registering a new client, we require a 60 day notice period, that is according to our 12 month minimum term for this service.

Will I need to set up my own Google Analytics?
No, we do this for you! We monitor and enthusiastically use Google Analytics alongside your SEO campaign.

Can I switch to another service?
If you feel like another marketing service is better suited for your business, we are happy to provide further information regarding this and a potential switch. All our marketing services come with a minimum term of 12 months.

Additional Options

  • Pay Per Click
  • Blog Management
  • Email Marketing


“My SEO manager always keeps me informed and constantly updates my keywords ensuring I am always at the top of Google and more importantly, ahead of competitors!”

C.V – Colchester