Platinum Plus


– SMS Marketing
– 6 SMS Messages


Our SMS Marketing Platinum Plus package is designed for those businesses with a larger budget who want to reach out to both their existing and also new clients. It is a great way of enticing new clients in, particularly as you land straight in their inbox, something they look at multiple times a day. SMS is the most frequently used app on a smartphone with approximately 7 billion SMS messages being sent per year. When you consider that 90% of SMS messages are read within the first three minutes, it equates to a significant amount of exposure for any business. SMS Marketing is growing rapidly and is not something to be missed!


icon3Unique Message

You will receive six unique messages promoting your business and/or products to as many customers as you like.

icon4Unlimited Contacts

With our SMS Marketing you can have as many contacts as you like. Imagine how many people you could reach for just £240!

icon6Full Branding

With our messages you will receive full branding with your company’s name showing up directly as the sender rather than an unknown number!


How many contacts will the SMS go out to?

  • As many as you want! Unlike other systems, you can add as many contacts as you would like to reach out to ensuring you engage with both existing and new clients!

What if I don’t have my own data?

  • Don’t panic! We have tons of data specific for all industries.

Is there a character limit?

  • Similar to Twitter, there is a 160 character limit. Don’t worry though, our expert can still make sure we include all of the information you need!

Additional Options

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Management


“A fantastic marketing route managed extremely well, delivering the results we had hoped for and much more!”

C.A – Chelmsford