– Ultimate Marketing Package

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To market your business successfully, you need a selection of tools that will work together to target and engage different audiences. For this, our Ultimate Marketing Package is the perfect solution. Our Ultimate Marketing Package has been designed to save you time and money as well as allowing you to be in constant contact with our marketing experts!


Social Media

  • You will gain 60 unique updates for your business. You will have expert management on three different social media platforms with expert content being produced to help increase reach and engagement for your business.

Email Marketing

  • You will have two emails per month with design and content included. Each campaign will be unique to your business and be tracked to ensure you can see the success of each campaign.

Blog Management

  • You will receive two unique blogs per month where the content and uploading is all included. Blogging is a direct communication channel and we tailor every post with your audience in mind.


  • You will receive 25 keywords with keywords tracking and a monthly report so you can keep track of the progress.

Website Management

  • We can keep your website up to date and running efficiently which will ensure a professional online presence is maintained.

Pay Per Click

  • Pay Per Click helps to increase traffic to your website and as we know traffic equals interest which equates to an increase in consumer base and revenue.

Mobile App and Hosting

  • You will receive a mobile app allowing your customers to reach you wherever they are and at any time.

App Notifications

  • You will receive unique push notifications to increase traffic to your mobile app.

Website Development

  • You will receive 8 hours dedicated to you and your website per month.

SMS Marketing

  • You will receive two unique SMS Message with unlimited content and full branding. Each message will be expertly written with the aim of increasing customer engagement and attracting new customers.


Can we swap any services for something else? 

  • We know what works and this is why we have combined these marketing routes into one ultimate package. Unfortunately, we do not therefore offer the option to swap as ultimately this would be less effective.

What happens if I already have marketing?

  • No problem! We can either take over the management of these or create a completely new account for you.

What happens if you don’t know my industry? 

  • We fully research your business and competitors to get a full overview and in-depth knowledge of what you do. We are however also aware that we are marketing to your customers and also new ones and so we market you in a way that they will understand.


“I love this package and it really works well for my business. It includes everything I could possibly need and so much more. They are all experts in their field and are more than happy to help.”

B.E, Bishops Stortford