Make Sure You Keep Your Website

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Unassigned

Fresh, Updated & Professional

Your business is important to you and you’d like it to be important to your clients too, right?

Well this is why it’s incredibly important to keep your company website fresh, updated and professional.

Much like your brand/logo, a website is very much the forefront of your business online. It’s important that it appeals to your customer by either keeping them engaged and returning in the future.

A boring and hard to navigate website can scare clients away before they even know what you are about. Ideally, your website should be responsive, quick on the button and modern in every approach.

Having a website is very much like going on a first date. After all you wouldn’t turn up to a nice restaurant or a bar wearing your pyjamas would you…


More often than not, you will want to make that great first impression with a great outfit, fresh haircut and maybe a splash of something smelly – this will help keep the interest firmly on you – and not on the dishy waiter/waitress serving you your beverages.

There are many ways to keep your website looking crisp, for example Keeping the content up to date on your site helps build trust between you and your customers. Most likely, customers rely on your site for useful information on whatever market you are in.

Another way to update your website is through your news/blog page, having a page such as this on your website gives your company a voice with regular articles related to your business, service or topic related to your industry – you can emphasise your articles with the art of SEO keywords!

You also have to remember your key target audience. You can do this through focusing on expertly written content, design and navigation of your website. Luckily enough, these are all strings Universal Web Design have to their bow!


To find out more about the wide ranges of web design, content and marketing contact our in-house developers for more information. Alternatively you can speak with our resident Blog and Content Manager, Mark Tuxford. He’ll be able to professionally transform your sinking ship of a website, into a cruiser ready for battle!

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