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Hawkhurst Alternative Investments

If you’re looking to get into the investment market but perhaps lack the skill, experience or expertise to carry it out, look no further than Hawkhurst Alternative Investments! We’re pleased to be working with the expertise of Gavin Perrett and the team at Hawkhurst, who have a diverse range of background knowledge in the investment sector. We created their website and provide marketing support to the business.

One of our successful clients Gavin Perrett created Hawkhurst Alternative Investments, with his financial expertise dedicated to the services of the company’s clients. Gavin and the team see their clients as very important, they want to give you regular updates and advice, assess your investment returns regularly and help you manage your investments and future wealth wisely.

Through HawkhurstAI’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, we produce engaging social media posts that generate traffic to the website, with professionally written blogs uploaded accordingly twice a month – this gives their client base another reason for returning to the professionally built website made by us at UWD. In addition to this, we also provide HawkhurstAI with Email Marketing, reaching out to new and existing customers, alerting them to the excellent service HawkhurstAI continue to provide.