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Of Our Services

At Universal Web Design we aim to be as transparent, open and upfront with all pricing as possible, hence our new and improved rates table which lists all of our services along the left with the associated prices to the right. We hope you benefit from this table and as a new customer, increase your confidence in our openness and honesty as a company.

Miscellaneous Services
Website Analysis & Comparison with Five Competitors£120
Website Audit£60
Advanced Security Setup£250
SSL Certification£120 Per Annum
Adhoc Website Developments
General Website Alterations (per hour)£40
General Website Developments (per hour)£40
Urgent Website Alterations (per hour)£40
Urgent Website Developments (per hour)£40
Advanced Website Developments (per hour)£60
Urgent Advanced Website Developments (per hour)£100
Additional Web Page£60
Uploading Products (Per Product)£2
Blog Setup Only£150
One Page Website£200
Responsive Website Conversion (per page)£120
Website Development Packages

Looking to take your online presence to new heights? Work with one of our web design experts on an ongoing basis and benefit from dedicated website development work on your account. Whether it be new pages, new features, new functions or new layouts any and all developments will be as per your request within the alloted time each month.

General Website Developments (per hour)£40
Bronze – 4 hours£120
Silver – 8 hours£240
Gold – 16 hours£480
Platinum – 24 hours£720
Platinum Plus – 40 hours£1,200
WooCommerce Integration£500
Website Management Package
Benefit from website ammendments as and when you request within an all inclusive website management fee of just £50 per month.

Website Management£50
Website Maintenence Packages
Keep your website plugins, theme files and core files up to date at all times to avoid downtime, viruses, malware, broken features, functions and generally various issues. Similar to maintaining a car, we will ensure your website is firing on all cylinders.

Bronze Package£20
Silver Package£30
Gold Package£40
Platinum Package£50
Platinum Plus Package£70
Professional Website Content
Professional Website Content is first and foremost the most important aspect of your website.

Bronze Package£120
Silver Package£200
Gold Package£400
Platinum Package£600
Platinum Plus Package£1000
Landing Pages
Additional Web Page£60
Landing Pages – WordPress£120
Landing Pages – Non WordPress£150
Landing Pages – Lead Pages£120
One Page Website£200
Graphic Design
Logo Design£85
Brochure Design£480
A4 Flyer – Single Sided£95
A4 Flyer – Double Sided£120
Custom Icon – Per Icon£15
Email Marketing
Bronze – 1 Email Per Month£60
Silver – 2 Emails Per Month£115
Gold – 3 Emails Per Month£165
Platinum – 4 Emails Per Month£210
Platinum Plus – 6 Emails Per Month£300
Mail Chimp – Setup£90
Mail Chimp – Template Design£120
Mail Chimp – Website Integration£120
MailChimp – Auto Responder System Setup£150
MailChimp – Auto Responder Setup – Per Responder – inc content£60
MailChimp – Auto Responder Setup – Per Responder – exc content£45
General HTML Email Design£120
Video Production
Bronze Package£800
Silver Package£1,200
Gold Package£1,500
Platinum Package£2,400
Platinum Plus Package£3,600
Doodle Video£300
Video Production – Script£120
Half Day – 4 hours£300
Full Day – 8 hours£500
Social Media
Management – Bronze – 30 Unique Updates Per Month£75
Management – Silver – 60 Unique Updates Per Month£120
Management – Gold – 90 Unique Updates Per Month£150
Management – Platinum – 120 Unique Updates Per Month£175
Management – Platinum Plus – 200 Unique Updates Per Month£250
Addons – Automated Twitter Messaging£10
Social Media – Setup Only (Four Profiles)£175
Search Engine Optimisation
Bronze – 3 Keyword Groups (per month)£150
Silver – 5 Keyword Groups (per month)£240
Gold – 7 Keyword Groups (per month)£330
Platinum – 10 Keyword Groups (per month)£465
Platinum Plus – 12 Keyword Groups (per month)£690
Search Volume Check – 50 Keywords£5
Search Volume Check – 100 Keywords£10
Search Volume Check – 250 Keywords£20
Search Volume Check – 500 Keywords£30
Search Volume Check – 1,000 Keywords£50
Pay Per Click
Bronze – 50 Keywords – Management (per month)£125
Silver – 100 Keywords – Management (per month)£180
Gold – 200 Keywords – Management (per month)£340
Platinum – 300 Keywords – Management (per month)£600
Platinum Plus – 400 Keywords – Management (per month)£1,200
Bronze – 50 Keywords – Setup Only£250
Silver – 100 Keywords – Setup Only£350
Gold – 200 Keywords – Setup Only£450
Platinum – 300 Keywords – Setup Only£550
Platinum Plus – 400 Keywords – Setup Only£650
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Bronze – 8 hours (per month)£320
Silver – 12 hours (per month)£480
Gold – 16 hours (per month)£640
Platinum – 20 hours (per month)£800
Platinum Plus – 25 hours (per month)£960
Standard Business Hosting (per month)From £10
High-Performance Hosting (per month)£40
Dedicated Hosting (per month)£300
Hosting Cancellation£120
Web Design
Brochure – Bronze + £10 Per Month£295
Brochure – Silver + £12 Per Month£395
Brochure – Gold + £15 Per Month£695
Brochure – Platinum + £17 Per Month£210
Brochure – Platinum Plus + £20 Per Month£300
Ecommerce – Bronze + £20 Per Month£595
Ecommerce – Silver + £22 Per Month£775
Ecommerce – Gold + £25 Per Month£1,000
Ecommerce – Platinum + £27 Per Month£1,495
Ecommerce – Platinum Plus + £30 Per Month£2,250
Estate Agency – Bronze + £20 Per Month£795
Estate Agency – Silver + £25 Per Month£995
Estate Agency – Platinum + £35 Per Month£1,750
Estate Agency – Platinum Plus + £40 Per Month£2,500
Blog Management
Bronze – 1 Blog Post Per Month£60
Silver – 2 Blog Posts Per Month£115
Gold – 3 Blog Posts Per Month£165
Platinum – 4 Blog Posts Per Month£210
Platinum Plus – 6 Blog Posts Per Month£300
PR Services
Bronze – 1 Press Release Per Month£95
Silver – 2 Press Releases Per Month£180
Gold – 3 Press Releases Per Month£255
Platinum – 4 Press Releases Per Month£320
Platinum Plus – 6 Press Releases Per Month£450
Domain Names
Registrant Detail Update£15
Registrant Update Cost£15
Transfer Fee (per domain)£30
Transfer Cost (per domain)£25
SSL Transfer (+£5pm)£60
New SSL Certificate£60
SSL Certificate Monthly Fee£5pm – 1 Year£15 – 2 Years£25
.com – 1 Year£25
.com – 2 Years£40
.org – 1 Year£25
.org – 2 Years£40
.net – 1 Year£25
.net – 2 Years£40 – 1 Year£60 – 2 Years£120 – 1 Year£15 – 2 Years£25
.tv – 1 Year£60
.tv – 2 Years£120
Who is – 1 Year£15
Who is – 2 Years£25
100 contacts£30
300 contacts£50
500 contacts£80
1,000 contacts£140
Business Email Accounts
Create (1 account)£20
Create (5 accounts)£50
Create (10 accounts)£80
Transfer (1 account)£30
Transfer (up to 5 accounts)£90
Transfer (10 accounts or more)£150
Google Related Services
Google Analytics (Setup Fee)£90
Google Places (Setup Fee)£90
At UWD Offices = 1 HourFree
At Client Offices = 1 Hour£30 + Travel
1-1 Training & Support (per hour)£40
CRM Systems
CRM System Setup£240
Training (Per Hour)£40
Accountancy System
KashFlow – Full Setup£250
Website Transfers
Inbound Website Transfer£75
Outbound Website Transfer£240
Inbound Domain Transfer£30
Outbound Domain Transfer£120
Inbound Website Transfer + Emails£90
Inbound Website Transfer + Domain£90
Inbound Website Transfer + Domain + Emails£120
Outbound Website Transfer + Emails£360
Outbound Website Transfer + Domain£240
Outbound Website Transfer + Domain + Emails£480
Website Backups
Website Backups (Setup)£30
Monthly Website Backups Only£5
Weekly Website Backups Only£10
Daily Website Backups Only£40
Remote IT Support
Remote IT Support (monthly)£50
Remote IT Support (yearly)£549