Five Reasons to Outsource

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Unassigned

Increasingly more and more businesses, both big and small,

are setting aside money in their annual budgets for marketing, and this amount just keeps increasing year-on-year. Digital marketing agencies, such as Universal Web Design, have a vast range of knowledge and skills that start-ups and SMEs will need to build their online presence. This is why, more often than not, its more profitable to outsource.

When figuring out how much to set aside for your marketing budget, Managing Director of UWD, Danny Nevill says, “First, you need to work out the value of your customers – look at how often they use your services, how much they usually spend, and how long they’ve been with you and could possibly be with you.” No matter what, however much you spend on marketing, you are likely to get double back, doubling your profit. Effectively, you’re giving the marketing agency, say, £10 and in return, they’re bringing in £20 worth of custom. So, to put a ‘cap’ on your marketing budget would be wasteful when it’s guaranteed to bring in revenue and pay for itself.

So yeah, marketing’s great, but why should you bother to outsource? Why not just do it in-house?

  1. Cost Effective. Outsourcing will save you a lot of money. Rather than having to bring someone in, a digital team will work directly with your company – so, it’ll be like having an in-house marketing manager, but you won’t have to find extra office space, or do additional HR work, or pay recruitment fees. Someone with the same amount of knowledge and skill will work for a fraction of the price, because with an agency they can have multiple clients. The average in-house marketing manager in the UK will set your company back £50,578 per annum, whereas the average digital marketing manager in the UK costs around £32,675 per annum – s0 outsourcing could save you £28,505 per annum.
  2. Proven Processes. Rather than having to hire and train an apprentice, or assign extra responsibilities to a current employee, you could simply use a digital marketing agency like UWD, who have a track record of great results. Time has shown that outsourcing is effective and that agencies work better for you and for your company.
  3. Expert Implementation. The majority of digital teams will utilise the available software and programmes that make marketing for your company the best it can be. For example, here at UWD we often use Hootsuite to manage the social media accounts of our 150 clients, and MailChimp for all e-mail marketing. We also use WordPress when developing our customers’ blogs, as we feel it is the most effective and reliable CMS.
  4. Dedicated Service Professionals. Though we can’t speak for all digital marketing agencies, the team here at UWD don’t just apply the same method to every client. Before we fully embark on developing your online presence, we will sit down with you and spend a lot of time ourselves simply getting to grips with you, your company and what it’s about. That way we can give you the best marketing experience.
  5. Saves you time. The obvious benefit is that you’ll save so much time from not having to worry about, or constantly manage, your online marketing – leave that to us. We don’t cut you out of the process; we still submit reports to you on your online progress and will regularly liaise to make sure we’re putting across the message you want us to. But, at the end of the day, you can be out seeing to the new customers your marketing has brought in, instead of sat by a computer trying to increase your online presence.

Overall, it’s clear to see that outsourcing online marketing is the was forward for business, especially for start-ups and Small- to Medium-sized Enterprise. For more information on the type of packages Universal Web Design offers, simply visit our online store for more details.