Restaurant Apps

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Unassigned

In 2003, Tesco began using self-checkout. Why? To save staff costs and maximise checkout speeds. 17 years later and we have become accustomed to a world full of useful technology.

The requirements for human labour intensive skills has been becoming lesser over the past century due to the introduction of more elite robotics. Due to the current pandemic, the requirement for human interaction to dissipate has come into place in full force.

To ensure the safety of the public, and to fulfill government requirements, many businesses are looking at how they can use technology to better their processes.

One of the main sectors looking to improve their services through technology is hospitality. Restaurants are incredibly public-facing, because of this, many are looking to take their service virtual. With a range of benefits, restaurants are looking at mobile apps for ordering, track and trace as well as feedback.

Covid-19 kick-started the necessity to reduce human interaction. By implementing an app, technology can replace the requirement of a member of staff taking an order. Cutting this aspect out of a service, human interaction is limited to serving food and drinks. Apps can include menus, ordering, dietary information, and billing. 

Fewer Mistakes

By having the customer take control of their order, they directly send their order through to the bar or kitchen, reducing human error. 

Be Cost Effective With Payroll

Apps may seem like a costly setup, however, they will reduce staff costs. On average, staff costs swallow 30% of a restaurant’s takings. Reducing such a figure will only result in one positive outcome for a business.

Easily Changeable Menus

By having all menus virtual, updates can be easily done at the click of a button. In addition to menu changes, allergen information can be made accessible for guests. Kitchens are able to set limitations and specials on the day with minimal effort or having to waste menu paper. 

Customer Database

Apps can hold customer information upon request. Customers are able to subscribe to Newsletters and social media whilst using the app. 

Create Analytical Feedback

 Apps produced by Universal Web Design, on request, are able to keep track of sales, popular items, and times. Allowing you, as a business to analyse and use such information to grow as a business. 

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