Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most effective marketing strategy for you and your business to be found by motivated customers, searching for the products and services you offer online!

SEO is such an effective marketing strategy as there is no other channel that compares to your customers typing into Google what they want to buy from you.

Whether you sell products or services, SEO is for you!

What makes search engine optimisation so great, is not only that you pay £0 per click but you also look like an established business online.

Yes! Every click is Free.

Unlike Pay Per Click, the natural Google Search Results (SERPs) do not cost you a penny each time customers click onto your listing.

Pay Per Click is a bit like renting a house whereas SEO is more like owning the property. 

Search optimisation is not only great in driving customers to your website, but it also gives customers confidence that you are an established, successful business with an established web presence. 

Each search term consists of multiple letters and usually multiple words. For instance, the words 

An SEO Strategy we adopt that is important to use as it is in line with Google’s algorithm is such as web, design, website, etc are actually very low relevance and very high in competition to rank for.

relevance. The words web, design, website are actually of low relevance as they are too broad to describe what we are, what we do, and where we serve. 

Search terms such as; Web Design Company in Colchester and Website Designer in Colchester are far greater search terms for us as a business to use as we offer website design services in Colchester as an area.

Subsequently, if you are looking for a website designer in the Colchester area then you are looking for a local person or company that can meet your needs.

And this is why SEO is a strategy, it is a long-term investment with huge advantages, savings, and rewards.

As a business, the Free traffic we receive through SEO would cost us tens of thousands of pounds in Pay Per Click.

Hence why our greatest investment of time goes into search engine rankings.

By selecting Universal Web Design to manage your website’s search rankings, not only are you saving a considerable sum for each keyword you select to target, but you are also working with an in-house team!

Packages start from only £150 per month and there are no setup fees. The minimum term is 12 months plus 60 days’ notice thereafter. You can extend your minimum term as many businesses do to up to 5 years for 25% off. 

Each keyword, such as; Website Design Agency in Colchester is charged at £10 per search term per month.

To clarify, our entry-level package is £150 per month, and below is a list of 15 search terms:

  1. Website Design Company in Colchester
  2. Website Designer in Colchester
  3. Website Design Agency in Colchester
  4. Website Design Business in Colchester
  5. Website Design Provider in Colchester
  6. Website Design Designers in Colchester
  7. Web Design Company in Colchester
  8. Web Designer in Colchester
  9. Web Design Agency in Colchester
  10. Web Design Business in Colchester
  11. Web Design Provider in Colchester
  12. Web Design Designers in Colchester
  13. Digital Marketing Agency in Colchester
  14. Digital Marketing Company in Colchester
  15. Digital Marketing Business in Colchester

As you can see, it is often best to select a keyword and create variations of the keyword accordingly. 

This creates a Keyword Group.

Grouping keywords not only ensures your rank for each, but it also helps you to rank higher across all of those terms as your website, its web pages, content, links and so forth are all of greater relevance. 

You can select an SEO package with us to meet your needs, whether you are wanting a general online presence or to dominate the internet, we have the right package for you.

  1. 1,000 = £10,000 
  2. 500 = £5,000
  3. 250 = £2,500
  4. 100 = £1,000
  5. 75 = £750
  6. 50 = £500
  7. 35 = £350
  8. 25 = £250
  9. 15 = £150

All prices are per month plus VAT.

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