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by | Jul 14, 2017 | Unassigned

The Rise and Rise of Online Shopping

With the whole shelf space thing being a non-issue online, buyers turn to the Internet to find a wide selection. Nine times out of ten, customers will buy from a high street store or online based on emotion and not logic.

How many times have you been on Amazon while looking for something in particular and then ended up buying more items because it will look nice in your place? Then for good measure you see a Garden Gnome for the garden and all of a sudden you must have that too! – said nobody ever – But you get the gist.

I have in the past personally been guilty of this next point, which is more commonly know as a hybrid system. Many shoppers visit a physical store on the high street on the lookout for new clothes for the upcoming season, checking textures and sizes as well as determining if it’s exactly what they want. They will then search online for bargain based deals related to that product.

Online shoppers report that reading reviews is among the most important reasons why they shop online. The Facebook Like button can also add a layer of legitimacy and promote that brand even further.

The old saying Time is Money, could be referenced with the argument between Online shopping and popping into the town to pick something up. Saving time when you shop online rivals ‘finding the cheapest price’. It’s comfortable and easy to sit in your living room and pick the products you want, the only waiting time comes with the delivery.

The Amazon Prime delivery service is one of the quickest delivery services on the market today, with rumours regarding a drone device to be deployed within the delivery options at some point in the future – improving the delivery times even more significantly.

Online shopping isn’t quite as seal proof as people imagine though, as I mentioned before delivery times can vary on certain websites. Online shopping is also not as social as off-line shopping, especially for groups of girls who enjoy all day shopping trips. Customers also find it difficult to buy a certain product online, but the many strengths of the billion pound industry of online shopping have ensured that it is here to stay whether you’re a fan or not.