How to Sell Professionally using Social Media

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Unassigned

Having a Social Media presence is becoming increasingly more important for businesses looking to sell themselves online. Traditional offline media, such as newspaper advertisements, or even just word of mouth, can still be effective of course, but the emergence of Social Media has allowed businesses, no matter their size, to provide products or services nationally or even globally, alongside working with local customers.

Social Media is becoming a necessity to success,

in the same way that a website has over the last decade. But to have a social presence takes commitment and dedication. Many businesses will struggle to find the time for either of these, which is where Universal Web Design can help.

At Universal we know the difference between ‘Marketing’ and ‘Selling’ your business through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, a distinction that can mean the difference between successfully engaging with potential customers and scaring them away. Your competitors may not take the same approach, and it is here where you can get the edge.

Through our expert Social Media Management packages we will initiate a soft-selling strategy, marketing your brand and its capabilities, as opposed to simple selling material. We aim to spread your personal message, whatever that may be, through as many channels as possible, increasing your exposure and company buzz.

Once brand awareness has been created, we then look to target specific leads, following up prospective profiles with shares, likes, re-tweets and favourites, expressing our interest in them and encouraging them to perform likewise interaction.

Social Media as a rule is a measured, strategic approach that takes time to develop. For people looking for short, sharp sales, then this may not be the marketing tactic for you. At Universal our aim is to build relationships across the four social media platforms we manage, creating a feeling of trust and renown amongst your target audience or industry field. We encourage physical meetings, from the formal to the casual coffee break, depending on your companies approach. We talk of mutual collaborations where applicable, and see all followers as opportunities to be pursued, rather than simply be sold to.

So selling professionally via Social Media doesn’t have to take valuable time away from running your business. It is a crucial part of finding you clients, though, so by enlisting the help of Universal Web Design and our Social Media Management services you are investing in the future of your company. Please get in touch for all the details and speak to a dedicated team member to discuss a personal package.