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Are you looking for an SEO Agency in Essex?

Do you understand the need for high rankings in the search engines?

Universal Web Design understands the need for high rankings within search engines.

What’s more, we know how to get your business to the top.

We are a digital marketing company based next to the University of Essex in Colchester. UWD specialise in all things digital, and our only focus is you and your site. We are proud of the brands we create, and we create them to last. As an SEO Agency in Essex, we make sure you reach your target audience.

As a digital marketing company we are aware of the constant changes in the industry. We always make sure to stay on top of these changes, and we are constantly updating our business model to match the ever changing market.

Universal Web Design was founded in 2011 by Danny Nevill, our Managing Director. Since then he has been able to help businesses spread their brand identity far and wide. We have directed high quality engaged traffic to websites from every field.

Since we are a digital marketing company we offer many different services within marketing. One of these is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part of any website. Choosing us as your SEO Agency in Essex, we can guarantee an increase in the traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimisation is an integral piece of the digital marketing puzzle, and we are your experts.

SEO is vital to be a market leader!

When you choose Universal Web Design to be your SEO Agency in Essex, you are choosing the experts. Our approach to SEO is all inclusive. Our experts will give all aspects of SEO equal and considerable attention. We offer 2 different types of SEO services. Onsite SEO is more or less self explanatory. It involves the SEO that is on your page. This includes things such as website pages, the titles, the tags, the links and so on.

Offsite SEO is slightly different. It refers to the collection and distribution of high quality, trusted links embedded in sites from around the web that lead the users to your site. Simple right?

Don’t worry if SEO feels above you, as your local SEO Agency in Essex, Universal Web Design can take care of it for you! We are the experts, and if you give us the wheel, we can steer!

Call us today to find out more, or visit our website!

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