SEO Company in Essex

Are you looking for an SEO company in Essex?

Does your website need to improve its online rankings?

Then Universal Web Design is the company to help you!

We are proud to a successful SEO company in Essex, with reliable and professional services for big or small businesses. We are a digital marketing company where our focus is your business. Universal Web Design creates brands that are built to last, and websites that you won’t forget. We learn quickly, and have adapted our business model to the ever changing internet market.

Founded in 2011, we have helped companies build their consumer base while directing high quality engaged traffic to their websites from every field imaginable. As an SEO company in Essex we have the knowledge and expertise to help your website rank in google. We are part of the Google Engage Partnership which means that your website will be optimised for search engines safely, ethically and effectively.

At Universal Web Design we work closely with you to choose the most relevant keywords for your company. This is an important aspect and it allows us to drive the highest quality traffic to your website as often as possible. As a SEO company in Essex this is something we do very well.


We offer both onsite and offsite SEO services


Onsite SEO refers to the SEO that is on your site. This includes website pages, titles, tags and links. These are extremely important because it determines your ranking on Google and other search engine sites. The higher this number is, the better! At UWD we will help you achieve high numbers.

Being an SEO company in Essex we also offer offsite SEO. This is a bit less obvious and includes the collection and distribution of high quality, trusted links embedded in sites from around the web which then leads the user to your specific site.

The best part is, we can offer these two in one package.

Our SEO packages range from bronze to platinum+ and we want to make sure we find the perfect package for your company and requirements. SEO is vital in order to be a market leader in the digital world. As an SEO company in Essex, Universal Web Design can help you become  a market leader.