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SEO Company Southend

Are you an agency/business or anything in between looking for an SEO company Southend to deal with this? Universal web design is currently based in Essex and is expanding as the years go on. Always happy to help businesses grow presence online and most importantly make them seen by a wide range of audiences.


Yes, Google, the internet search engine everyone knows about and uses when they want to know who is the best. Best near me.. Review’s and even to look at menus before you go and look at the menu in person. The one word, google, feels like there’s so much meaning behind it rather than what it is. Why? Because of the number of things google does, like tell you where the nearest Universal web design is. It truly has revolutionized the world and what we think since 1998. 



It has also revolutionized the business side of things when it comes to googling a business and then 100 pages come up on that one thing someone has typed in. Now, when having a business do we want to be on page 90? Simple answer no, well how does this change? How do I become in the top 5 of google searches? Because let’s be 100% real who scrolls past page 3? Statistics say a huge traffic click has been reported to be as high as 92% of clicks on the first page.


Search Engine Optimisation:

The piece to the puzzle businesses is Search Engine Optimisation. Sounds like a complicated process but it’s improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or web page. It involves using keywords to get pages to rank higher. As mentioned earlier searching is one of the main ways in which content and business are found online. 

At universal web design, we provide daily ranking checks, monthly content written, and monthly reports sent out which includes competitor analysis to make sure you are ranking above the rest. Why not get an expert at Universal web design to do all of this for you. With well thought out packages from Bronze – Platinum Plus at all fixed prices, you know exactly what you’re getting. For an SEO company Southend only being an hour away from Colchester. Contact us now on 01206 588 000.


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