Car Dealership Web Design

Car dealerships, and the selling of cars in general, will never go out of fashion. People always want to buy cars. Our car dealership web design packages are designed to generate as much traffic as possible through search engines and very easy for busy business owners to manage themselves.

Subsequently, all of our car dealership websites come with a website editing system which is easy to use and accessible from any global location with internet access. Furthermore, car dealership websites come with car portal website integration with websites such as Auto Trader as standard.

Making uploading your cars to multiple websites very simple through automated uploading processes. All car dealership websites are tailored to your brand and guaranteed to get you online auto-trading in no time at all. Order your very own car dealership website for just £2,500 plus £50 per month!

Bespoke Websites

All car dealership websites are bespoke and tailored to you. We believe that no two websites should look the same and whilst we may use similar systems and functions within other websites, the design, look and feel is very much branded to you

Unlimited Cars

We love no limits and we believe you will too. All car dealership websites allow you to add as many cars to your stock list as you want. No additional fees, no limitations and no wasted time. Add cars to your website as and when you want.

Unlimited Categories

We make it easy for you to sell, list, itemise and categorise any type of vehicle you sell including; sports cars, luxury vehicles, 4x4s, limousines, hatch-backs and even off-road vehicles. No car type will ever be an issue with unlimited car categories.

Unlimited Images

Add images to any page within your car dealership website as, when and where you need. Images tell a thousand words plus they make all websites look great, hence our desire to support clients with ease of access to add images to their website as and when they need.

Unlimited Emails

Allocate professional email accounts to as many members of staff as you wish. Whether you want one for front of house, another for accounts and one for the owner, there is no limit to how many we can provide you with many we can provide you with

Multiple Menus

Most websites prove very difficult to navigate through as they often consist of only the one menu. At Universal we believe in making all aspects using a website easy for users. Subsequently we set up multiple menus within all car dealership websites.

Special Offers

Promoting the deal of the week has never been easier as we provide you with full access to your car dealership management system which is simple to use and accessible from any location in the world with internet access.

Mobile Responsive

Whether customers are at home in the lounge on their ipads, in the office finishing up after a long day or on their way home to see their loved ones, your customers will be able to enquire with ease through mobile, laptop, tablets and PCs

Management System

There is nothing worse in business or life than limitations and high costs to overcome those limits. At UWD we hence why we pack our car dealership web design package with everything you need to manage a successful car dealership.

Google Analytics

Monitor who is visiting your website on a constant basis through your very own Google analytics dashboard. Google enables you to track user activity throughout your website and we integrate the latest code to give you the latest and greatest insights

Auto Trader

Working with companies such as Auto Trader and other car dealership portals, we set up every car dealership website so that automated population of cars is possible through a feed we set up and manage for you.

Finance Calculator

Customers can calculate and assess whether they can afford the car of their dreams or not. A calculator often supports customers to understand how they can afford a car which is proven to increase sales and enquiries.

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