New Website for Gary Hughes Joinery

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Unassigned

From Universal Web Design!

Gary Hughes is a bespoke cabinet maker in St Osyth near Colchester operating all over Essex. Gary has over 14 years of experience in the trade and always works to a high standard and always aims to deliver the best customer satisfaction. Gary specialises with kitchens, built in wardrobes, cabinet making, fitting skirting boards and joinery. Universal Web Design, an internet marketing agency recently produced a clear-cut new website for Gary Hughes. Universal Web Design provides affordable small business web design and aims to provide professional yet simple web design solutions with visitor usability in mind.

The Gary Hughes Joinery website is a simple mix of blue and white incorporating one of Universal Web Design’s packages that features a vertical-like design with all the information on one page with a navigation bar that allows users to ‘jump’ to a desired section of the web page. This makes the website straightforward to navigate and provides all the relevant information in a simple and easy to access manner which allows users effortless usability. The page conveys a strong sense of professionalism which is exactly the kind of impression Universal Web Design tries to create and what you would expect from a tradesman. Universal Web Design has several packages that can be used to cater for any business of any type!

When arriving on the Garry Hughes Joinery website you see a short bio of Gary just to give you an idea about the man behind the business as well as his skills. This will immediately inspire an impression of professionalism and most importantly with “being in the trade for 14 years” you know you are also getting reliability and experience so clients can buy with utmost confidence! If you are still not assured the “Testimonials” section will allow users to read reviews of former clients about Gary Hughes’ craftsmanship just to reinforce the potential client’s confidence.

You can also access various examples of work Gary has done when clicking on his portfolio. Through Gary’s portfolio you can see various areas of his work and when clicking on them see images of already completed work. This will give potential clients a good gauge of skill and expertise. We all know that it is important to know in this business that you are going to get what you are paying for so with examples of completed work and customer testimonials there is no doubt that this will give potential clients a very good indication what to expect!

Universal Web Design has created a professional and simple website that makes navigation so painless. When you visit the page you get everything you need to know all condensed on one page yet neatly organised into categories.

The information on the website is simple and to the point –

a “here is what I do, this is how it looks and this is how to get hold of me” resemblance, no nonsense!  You can easily jump from one section to the next as the navigation bar follows the page down and stays at the top of the page to make navigation between categories effortless.  Universal Web Design’s affordable web design and search engine optimisation services is without a doubt an essential to have to give any business that captivating first impression!