Small Businesses Moving Online

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Unassigned

Since the start of this pandemic, small businesses have been hit hard. National Lockdown, Tier Systems, they have all meant that they have been forced to close down, limit the number of customers and colleagues on-premises, have hand sanitiser everywhere and invest in protective screens.

It has been costly in so many ways and many businesses are struggling to survive. Moving online is the way that many businesses as going to survive, especially if they are not eligible for any grants made available to business in this period of uncertainty. 

Simple Facts

The fact of the matter is before all this happened before the Pandemic began limiting how people shopped and conducted business, more and more people were using the internet to do the things they usually did in person.

The UK has the third-largest e-commerce market and the fourth-highest percentage of online users at 80%. (source). For most people, it is more convenient to use to go online than to physically go out. In a Pandemic world, going somewhere physically is not always possible, so businesses have to adapt to survive.

What It Has Meant To Businesses

For, any businesses, the only way that they have managed to have any taking s at all, was because they became going online, creating websites and using social media to promote their product.

The days when people would come into your shop because they liked your window display or discovered you by accident are gone. It still happens, but the way to survive now is to go online and not hold out and pray that you survive. Many companies had an online presence before the Pandemic, but their routes to market were no online.

They are now forced to sell online instead of physically. By moving online, businesses can now reduce their overheads, they don’t need to pay rent at a store, they don’t need as many employees. You can hire talent from anywhere, not just in your immediate area. It is a method of businesses that are fast becoming the primary method.

Throughout history, businesses have had to change and adapt to service, they have had to find a way to continue in a way that society can accept. This pandemic is just another example of this happening and business will continue to change.

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