SMS Marketing At UWD

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Keeping It Direct and Personal

When was the last time you went all day without looking at your phone? Exactly! It just doesn’t happen!

This is why SMS marketing is the best method for getting a message across to a large number of people. Updating them on new products and services that are readily available.

SMS is far more reliable than emails, why? A text message doesn’t run the risk of being automatically sent to a spam folder!

So you can be sure that the customer will at least read the message, and your brand will be on their mind!

SMS is a way of sending promotional campaigns, they are commonly used to communicate ‘exclusive’ offers, updates, and alerts to people who want to receive these messages!

Customer Surveys

One of the best ways to learn about your clients is by asking them questions! What do they like? What don’t they like?

If a customer receives a text message asking them something, they are more likely to answer by filling out a form or with a quick reply than if this arrived in their inbox. 

It is also very inexpensive with the added bonus of instant delivery – you can reach thousands of people all within a blink of an eye.

What Universal Web Design Can Offer Your Business:

We have a variety of packages that cover all your SMS marketing needs. You can send us all the information you want to give your customers, and we will do the rest!

Get In Touch Today!

So, for more information on what we have to offer your business, visit our website or give us a call on 01206 588 000 to speak to one of our expert team members.

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